About Me

I love the art of acting because it brings together so many different art forms and I really enjoy the collaborative aspect of it, working as part of a big team, creating a piece of art together.

My journey as an actor has been shaped by extensive training and diverse experiences. With formal education from Filmschool Vienna and multiple courses and private instruction from different coaches I have developed a deep understanding of the actor’s role, bringing stories to life.

I’ve had the privilege of participating in a wide range of productions across both stage and screen. From immersive short films like “Goodnight Sweetheart” or the international asthma awareness film “A Few Hundred Million” to an improvised play called “Murder at St. Claire’s House”, each project has allowed me to explore the complexities of human emotion and connection and to hone my craft.

My passion for acting extends beyond the stage and screen. It’s about delving into characters, understanding their motivations, and immersing myself in their worlds to deliver authentic and compelling performances.

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Current Showreel

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